Five years ago, I co-founded a real estate development company and gated community project called Fort Galt. Rather than merely following the conventional wisdom, we looked to Silicon Valley as well as ancient fraternal orders for alternative inspiration. As a result, we ended up pioneering a whole new business model for this digital age of global interconnectivity.  Our success came not without significant investments and sacrifices and if we had known what we were in for, we probably wouldn’t have been crazy enough to even start. We earned ourselves a massive education as a result though and it’s that unique experience that has driven me headlong into my next project. Fort Galt is on track to eventually become a self-sufficient community and its first businesses are now being established, each of which has a local first-mover advantage. As a father, my daughter’s upbringing is of great concern to me so the establishment of an education center naturally became a priority. I also have several ambitious tech projects in the works that require talented developers so it occurred to me that combining a schoolhouse with a co-work and startup incubator would be a logical approach. This is the train of thought that led to the conception of Shrugout.

The Market
My generation, for the most part, has no interest in buying property but are traveling more than any other generation before. More and more, they’re making the transition away from conventional employment and are seeking their fortune as location-independent contractors, teachers, cyber-merchants, and artists. The world of e-commerce is exploding and online freelancing platforms are overflowing with talent, all while the universities are flushing the last of their credibility down the memory hole. I met a lot of examples for myself at an entrepreneurship bootcamp that I attended back in 2014. We all loved collaborating together on projects in a supportive environment but what we didn’t love was the part where we all had to go our separate ways and go home at the end. Many of us would’ve stayed and continued what we had started together if the infrastructure had been in place. We were ready to ditch the limiting jobs and impotent schools of our homelands to embrace collaborative entrepreneurship for the long haul but unfortunately, the reality was that we didn’t have the money to rent an apartment in a foreign country without an income so most of the participants just went home and fell back into old habits.

The Project
My experiences to date have afforded me the assets, allies, and insights to design and build a facility that truly meets the needs of today’s budding young entrepreneurs. Fort Galt is already a peaceful and inspiring environment that’s conducive to productivity so all I have to do now is build a low-cost residential solution and workspace there. I’ve designated a specific lot for just this purpose and 3D models have already been submitted to the builders for detailed project planning. Both of the key structures were designed not only to be architecturally intriguing but also very economical and easy to assemble and maintain. Once completed, they’ll compose an ideal venue for our Business Camp, Startup Incubator, and Company Retreat.

The Buildings
A pair of structures has been designed to be built next to one another in a complimentary fashion. The first is composed of fourteen residential modules that are situated around a central core, where electricity, water, and waste management are handled in a centralized manner. Above the utilities, a rooftop garden and glass dome lounge invites residents to relax and mingle with a 360 degree view around them. Each module occupies eighteen square meters and includes a bathroom with full-size tub. The utility core houses a fresh water reservoir that feeds into each unit. Bathroom and kitchen plumbing runs directly through each unit’s wet wall into the central garbage collection trough and Toha sewage processing system. The wet walls together constitute the core’s perimeter, which means that plumbing requirements are minimal. Each unit’s back is to a common center so their doors and windows all face outwards into the forest and this creates an illusion of seclusion for the occupants. The other building is a co-working space for residents to use. It’s a large open floor plan with movable workstations throughout and a stage for lectures and performances. It also functions as a cafe where food is available for purchase (at cost for members).

Business Camp
Our flagship course will run for six weeks and cover all major aspects of designing a fulfilling business and lifestyle. Much like players do within role-playing video games, we take stock of our character’s attributes and then research the world around us to identify opportunities that uniquely suit us. We design strategies and acquire tools to optimize our characters for success and then set out on campaigns of personal development to level up, slay our dragons, and save our kingdoms. I recognize and appreciate that not everyone is at the same point in their respective journeys so the course will adapt to the specific needs of participants. For instance, someone with a stable job could be feeling stuck and unfulfilled so we would focus on designing a plan for him to transition into a more fulfilling occupation and/or lifestyle. Likewise, someone else might not be to concerned about those things because they lack the stable job and are too distracted by basic survival needs. In such a case, we’d focus on helping him set up an online business or freelancing operation to relieve the pressure and allow him to relax and extend his gaze to loftier aspirations.

Startup Incubator
After the camp, participants may choose to proceed into the Startup Incubator in order to continue making use of our facilities while growing their new businesses. Besides the living quarters and workspace, we offer continued staff support, coaching, and access to the rest of the community and the network effects it produces.

Company Retreat
Alumni and outsiders alike will be able to rent our facilities for company retreats, team building workshops, seminars, and special events. As demand for such hosting grows, we’ll expand to meet it.

Our residential building includes fourteen living modules, each of which are connected to memberships that entitle their holders to 1/14th of all income derived from the rental of living quarters and workspace for camps, retreats, and special events. Members are entitled to occupy their units themselves and are encouraged to make them available for rental rather than leaving them vacant. Memberships are transferable so that their holders can sell, trade, give, or will them away as they please. Members are also entitled to participate in board meetings and may advertise their business through the Shrugout website and other communications channels.

Pricing & Perks
I’ve structured the membership pricing to extend greater discounts to those who join earlier. This is not only to reward the courage of earlier adopters but also to incentivize a speedier uptake so that we can get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible. I plan to open for business towards the end of this year and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for wasting. The baseline membership price is $30k USD and special first mover pricing applies to the first seven members to join.

First Mover Price List
1st Member Sold
2nd Member Sold
3rd Member Sold
4th Member = $19k – Pending
5th Member = $22k
6th Member = $25k
7th Member = $28k

Units can be bundled together for anyone wishing to purchase more than a single membership.

Members paying with Bitcoin qualify for a $1k USD discount.

Payments can be spread over multiple installments, if necessary.

Members will have access to projects within the incubator and so will have early access to all related investment opportunities.

Conclusion, Accountability, & Contact

I won’t be advertising this opportunity to the public at large. I’m selectively choosing to invite individuals to join that have already demonstrated interest in Fort Galt and have shown themselves to be compatible with our culture and core values. We only have fourteen memberships and I intend to keep our standards high. If you were invited to consider this plan, take all the time you need and don’t hesitate to ask any and all questions that come to mind. You’re welcome to call me anytime and if you’d like to discuss these matters in person, I’d love to receive you here as a guest as well.

My design is very deliberate, with efficiency at the core of every aspect. From the physical design of the buildings to the conceptual structure of the business. I’m not hiding behind a corporation or elaborate legal construct of any kind. I’m legally operating as a sole proprietor, responsible for all aspects of the project from day one. As such, I’m personally liable and everyone knows where the buck stops. My career as a community builder and real estate developer depends entirely on maintaining a solid track record and reputation so by setting myself up in a vulnerable position like this, I’m extending a lot of trust to my fellow members, which is a damn good reason for me to maintain high standards when accepting new players onto the field. With that said, if you’ve made it through this page and feel like this is something you need to be a part of, just reach out and get in touch. I’ll be with you shortly and we can get the ball rolling.


Gabriel Scheare