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Frequntly Asked Questions

How big are the units?
The footprint measures 3.5×5 meters. You can see a graphic rendering in the video above and a skp (3D model) file is available upon request.

How’s the internet service there?
There is a fiber optic line coming up along the coast but in the mean time, we have a 4G tower holding us over, which is giving me 20 Mbps right now.

Do we pay any regular fees or taxes?
No. Maintenance, utilities, and taxes are paid by the business. After the expenses are covered, whatever profits remain are divided 14 ways among the members. Members aren’t charged individually for expenses. It’s my responsibility to make sure everything’s paid and the business remains profitable. In a hypothetical worst-case scenario where business activities are frozen, I’d send the help home and cover the minimal remaining overhead myself.

How long can I take to pay?
Your spot will be held upon receipt of your initial $1,000 payment and from there, we can design a plan around your particular circumstances to pay off the balance. A one-year term would be perfectly fine but it can be stretched over as much as two years if need be. The faster members pay, the faster we build.

What payment methods do you accept?
Bitcoin is preferred but PayPal transfers and bank wires can be arranged too, if necessary.

What is the target date for opening?
The COVID lockdown has already prevented us from building this year and we are patiently waiting for inter-regional travel restrictions to be removed so that we may resume the project.

Will we get updates during construction?
I’ll be filming and uploading a constant stream of videos throughout the entire process so everyone can watch the construction process here and on Youtube.

What is the target market?
This region is usually very active with tourism in the summer. I’ll capitalize on that during the months of December, January, and February (summer) and then run a business bootcamp and startup incubator during the off-season.

Do we only collect profits generated by our unit?
No, all revenue generated by the 14 units and the co-work/auditorium is pooled and divided evenly between the members. This way, we’re all encouraged to keep the bigger picture of the business in focus rather than competing with one another.

Can I come and visit the property right now?
Absolutely. Visitors are always welcome here at Fort Galt.

How do I get there?
You’ll fly into Chile and land at the Santiago airport before taking a connecting flight to Valdivia. An airport shuttle will take you into town where I’ll meet you and take you out to the property.

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